Building Online Authority

If You Are Not On Page One of Google You Are Being Passed Over

Today, you can’t be an authority online without both the search algorithms acknowledging you as one, and your customers affirming you as one. Search engines rank you, and customers trust you—and as a result of both: you’ll build your brand and earn new business. Google has updated their algorithm over 45 times. But when it comes to authority in the eyes of the search engines, one factor has remained just as important as ever.

If real people are engaging with your content, turning to your brand for advice, talking about your products and your services, and recognizing your business as an industry leader, not only are your customers clearly acknowledging you as an authority, but the search engines will pick up on those signals too and reflect them in your rankings. And our Ranking Program helps speed that process up.

Our Secret Weapon Gets You on Page 1 of Google!

There is NO limit to the number of keywords you can rank for on this program.

We help businesses get more visibility on the search engines.  We guarantee large scale first page rankings for any business in their local markets.  If someone searches for your industry in your area, or surrounding cities, do you show up on the first page?  If not, or if you’d like to improve your rankings, we can help. You can rank for hundreds of keyword and keyword phrases in a matter of a few months. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can rank for and no PPC or high advertising costs. This program has been in place for over 10 years and follows strict Google guidelines for compliance with all of Google’s rules.

The first thing we do after you sign up is run a report for 100s of high value keywords in your area, so you get a large-scale snapshot of your rankings.  This gives us a starting point, and a way to quantify results, so you know that our program is working.  Most of our clients start to see results in the first 2 weeks after launching their ranking program. Each month we review your progress and determine what  keywords we need to ficus on to increase your organic ranking. Most clients find they are ranking for several hundred keywords in the top 10 slots of Google in just a matter or months.

We can’t share how it works online because we know the power of this program but we would be happy to set up a demonstration with you via zoom to share how it works and show you the successful results we’ve had with our clients. The best part is that we only allow one business per category to participate in this program so there is exclusivity that helps you win out over your competitors. And this is for LOCAL SEARCH RESULTS so you will show up when local searches are being done in your city or county.


What we can tell you is what to expect and approximate time frames for results. Please remember every industry is different and can take different time frames to reach maximum results.


First month: This is the heavy lifting month. We do an extensive dive into finding relevant keywords for your industry. Rankings won’t likely improve quite yet, but it is critical to lay a foundation for your campaign to have success moving forward: Initial Campaign Setup • Keyword Research • Current Keyword Analysis and Rank standing report • Website Audit • Website Optimization • Custom Content • Creation of Business Profile and Microsite • Analytic Set up

Months 2-5: These months are the core of your ranking campaign. We’ll complete your custom content and push to our high ranking sites to start building your own site authority and start spreading the word about your business all over the web. You should see noticeable improvement in your rankings as your online presence grows. We’ll also begin tracking secondary keywords to better understand how your overall reach is being impacted. We will always provide a detailed report on the work we’ve done, keyword growth, & strategy.


Month 6 & Beyond: Our goal is to have you ranking on page 1 of Google for hundreds of keyword and long tail keyword phrases by month 6 of your ranking campaign. At this point we will take a deeper look at your tracking keywords to determine where we should focus our efforts to help you rank for even more search terms. It’s important to maintain your ranking activities so that you stay on page 1 & continue to expand your presence online. We will continue developing links, creating content, optimizing your site, & reporting on progress each & every month.